Welcome to our Developer News page. On this page we will post updates and videos about the programming we have completed for the current week. This will help keep you informed of new features that are available in the software.

  • Updated Quickbooks Online API to eliminate real time inventory updates.  This was causing orders and purchase orders to take too long to activate.  We will still automatically update the inventory levels via the API but it will be once per night at 2 AM.
  • Added Screen Largest Dimension (SLD) and Screen Smallest Dimension (SSD) to the list of BOM rules.  This will simplify the BOM setup for the screen section because it will reference the Product’s screen formula that already existed, similar to the Glass Square Feet (GF) rule.
  • Added a Sill Type selection for all door products with a multiplier per sill type.  Also included is a Sash Height adjustment based upon the sill type.  This allows you to sell doors with different sill types without having to create all new products and still price them out individually.
  • Programmed a custom Box Label for MI Windows that will be used by Flexscreen Detroit and Flexscreen Pittsburgh.
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