• Programmed a sales commission report page for Sales rep commission and Dealer Rep commissions.  Sales reps are the reps that are setup on the dealer site.  Dealer reps are the reps that are setup on the Admin side that are assigned to specific dealers.  The report page can run reports by date range, rep name, dealer and commission payment status.  We have also programmed a parameters page to control what the date query criteria is and when an order appears on the commission report page.  A PDF report can be generated to provide a formal written record for the reps.
  • Removed User Sessions for Flexscreen order import process.
  • Programmed new BOM variables that reference each Sashes specific Width and Height.  The new variables are SW1, SH1, SW2, SH2, SW3, SH3, SW4, and SH4.  An example of referencing the width of Sash 4 would be SW4.  The advantage of these variables is it makes setting up cut list formulas and BOM formulas simpler because they will reference the sash formulas that are already setup on the product setup pages.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented variable sash height Single Hung and variable sash width Single slider windows from being mulled.
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